If you are purchasing a new vehicle, it is mandatory for you to have a V5C registration certificate, also known as the log book. If you as the registered vehicle holder do not have such certificate then you will not be allowed to use the vehicle in public places, essentially you will not be able to take it out on the road. Many vehicle dealerships provide the log book while you are purchasing the vehicle itself, saving you the ordeal of going through the process of applying for one. But you might face situations wherein you will have to apply for one.

Situations When You Might Require Applying

In case you have purchased a new vehicle and do not have the required vehicle log book then it is very important for you to apply for it at the soonest. You might require applying for it some other cases as well – if the vehicle log book gets stolen or you lose it, in the case of a damaged log book or if it gets destroyed. In all these cases you will be required to apply for one. Unless you can present the copy of the certificate you will not be allowed to take it on the road nor will you be able to tax it when required.

Vehicle Log Book

How To Apply For It?

There are mainly 2 ways to which you can apply for the same. The first is through your phone or any smart device. The next is the physical format through which you need to fill in a form and get the new vehicle registration certificate or logbook.

  • Applying Through Phone

You need to have authentic proof that you are the registered keeper of the vehicle with the original documents and certificated required for the same. You will have to pay a fee of 25 pounds that is a part of the application fees. If you are registering through phone, you need to make the payment through online, with the help of a debit card or a credit card. You need to make sure that your name, address and phone number is the same in all the previous documents in order to apply online. You should receive the certificate within 5 days of applying for it.

  • Applying Physically By Post

If you are applying by post, the best way to do is to complete the form that will be provided to you at your nearest post office. The form by the name of ‘Application for a vehicle registration certificate’ needs to be filled in. you will have to submit 25 pounds by cheque along with the form. In such cases, you should receive the certificate within 2 weeks of the application.

In the case of replacement as well you will be required to submit all the documents, and the process remains the same. It is very important to note that you need to be the registered owner of the vehicle in order to get the certificate of registration or vehicle log.