When you are paying the vehicle tax at the beginning of the term, there is always a possibility that you will take the vehicle off the road or maybe not use it in the upcoming future. In such cases, the Government gives you the possibility to get a refund on the vehicle tax that you have submitted. It includes a process that is quite simple, though it might take a little bit of time. You will be required to cancel your vehicle tax in order to get the refund.

When Can You Cancel Your Vehicle Tax?

When you decide to take your vehicle off the road, or it is no longer in use due to unavoidable circumstances, you can apply to cancel your vehicle tax. What if you have a lump sum amount paid for the same? You will be getting it back if you cancel the tax. But you will get back a full months’ worth of tax. Any fractional days will not be taken into account.

Vehicle Tax Refund

How To Cancel The Tax?

You have to inform the DVLA authorities regarding the cancellation of the tax.Once your vehicle is off the road, you need to inform them about the same. There are a few specific categories under which you need to apply.

  • In case you have sold the vehicle or transferred the vehicle to some other individual, through proper documentation of the same. In such case, it is very important to make sure that the name of the registered dealer has been changed to the new owner before you can apply for the refund or get your vehicle tax canceled.
  • If the car has been taken off the road by the proper documentation of the statutory off the road notification.
  • If has been completely written off by the insurance company, and you have the official documents for the same. You will be required to present them with a copy of the same.
  • In case your vehicle is stolen you will have to apply for the refund separately. You cannot fill in the same form. It is first important to prove the status of the stolen vehicle in order to get the refund.
  • Another important case is if the vehicle gets registered as an exempt vehicle. It is very important to note that there is a specific list of such vehicles and only if the vehicle falls into this category then you will be able to able to get the refund by applying for the cancellation.

These Are The Only Ways Due To Which You Can Apply For Such A Cancellation.

Once the cancellation process has been accounted for, and the whole system is processed you will get the cancellation certificate. Along with the cancellation, your money will be refunded to you. In case you do not get the refund along with the cancellation, you can apply for the refund separately. In such cases you will not have to present any documentation separately, just the cancellation number will suffice in such case.